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The main features at a glance

Here's how to do your crypto taxes today

Just press the button

Blockpit’s crypto tax app imports the data from all your exchanges and wallets fully automated via API interface. And yes, CSV works as well, of course.
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Keep an eye on your entire portfolio

The Blockpit cryptotax app tracks all your assets, exchanges and wallets on a daily basis and can even classify them automatically. This will save you hours.
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Get your money back

You don’t just have to pay taxes, you can also get back unrealized losses. Your bank account will thank you for it.
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Get the PDF of your dreams

From your data, the Blockpit crypto tax app creates a compliant tax report down to the last line. All you have to do is submit it to the tax office.
Crypto Tax Report Generation
The main exchanges
Over 50 directly connected and 300+ more via CSV import.
Accurate country-specific reports
Fully compliant crypto tax reports for Austria, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, and the USA.
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The best support
We take care of any issues fast with top support and additional expertise from tax consultants.
Intuitive and easy to use
Clear, understandable, and only what you need: crypto tax software can be simple.
Watch a thousand tutorials? Not with Blockpit!

How to get started quickly with our crypto tax app

Step 1 Import
Import your data

Connect your exchanges and wallets via API and let Blockpit do the rest. From now on, your portfolio is always up to date.

Step 2 Categorize Imports
Check your transactions
The Blockpit cryptotax app automatically classifies your transactions according to country-specific law. You just need to check they are complete.
Create your tax report
In just a few minutes, you receive your tax report as a PDF, and with it, line by line, the exact contributions you need to report to the tax office.
More than 100,000 satisfied users
stars 5
Highly recommend
Friendly, fast, competent and goal-oriented with explanations. This is what support looks like.
stars 5
Highly recommended
friendly, fast, competent and goal-oriented with explanations. This is what support looks like.
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stars 5
Great App
Great software, very clear and easy to use.
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stars 5
Crypto taxes easy
top product that considerably simplifies the tax return – taken with regard to thousands of trades, this is what makes it possible!
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J Mueller
stars 5
Super nice staff and fast too. software works reliably. I can only recommend Blockpit to anyone who has bitpanda. Thank you
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mozo ishere
Maximum compliance

Leading audit and tax consulting companies confirm: tax reports created with Blockpit are legally compliant.

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1.000.000+ cryptotax reports

Benefit from the expertise trusted by thousands of satisfied users worldwide.
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100% acceptance
Until today, every tax report created with Blockpit has been accepted by the tax office without any problems. That makes us a little proud.