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What distinguishes Blockpit form Accointing?

Comparison of the two tax tools

Like Blockpit, Accointing also offers portfolio management for cryptocurrencies as well as a software-supported tax solution. In addition to the Webapp, both offer a mobile app for Android and iOS. Accointing rates its own tool in a self-written blog article with 4 out of 5 stars. According to the blog post, has great potential due to its ease of use and because three to four new exchanges are implemented every week. What makes Blockpit different from Accointing is, that they offer inventory methods and optimization of holding periods. But Accointing itself writes that their pricing model is quite competitive. Compared to Blockpit’s pricing model (see pricing page) a subscription with up to 25 transactions is free, a subscription with up to 5000 transactions costs 179€ and for a subscription with up to 50000 transactions Accointing users have to pay the proud price of 299€. In contrast to Blockpit, where up to 150 transactions are free and up to 25000 transactions cost 99€. In summary, the two competitors are very similar in terms of functionality and usability, however, cryptocurrency owners should take a look at Blockpit’s crypto software.

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In the self-published blog article Accointing writes that due to the short time on the market, not all features have been implemented yet. Accointing advertises that they have integrated more than 4500 currencies and a tax report can be created in a few steps. The only source of reports shared by other users can be found on the download platforms of their mobile app.

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What advantages does Blockpit offer cryptocurrency owners?
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In recent years, it has been observed that the trade in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum has steadily increased. However, many cryptocurrency owners do not consider that the profits or losses from trading cryptos are taxable. Therefore Blockpit offers software that meets the requirements for traders of Bitcoin, Ether and Co. Besides the webapp Blockpit also offers a mobile app that is free for iOS and Android. With the API import, transactions can be imported from different exchanges without much effort. Besides the ongoing development, there is a major focus on continuously improving the UX/UI of the Webapp. In addition to the technical improvements, through newsletter and subject-specific content our users are regularly informed about upcoming tax deadlines and regulations in the field of taxes on cryptocurrencies. Use Blockpit and save time by downloading your tax report as proof of origin for banks and authorities

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