Looking for accurate tax reports? Use Blockpit as an alternative to Koinly and have no stress with your crypto tax return

Automated tax calculation for your cryptocurrencies

Both Koinly and Blockpit offer easy-to-use cryptocurrency tax software to help you tax your crypto profits. One of the biggest advantages of Blockpit over Koinly is that Blockpit offers free coin tracking (including staking, NFT and liquidity mining) of your portfolio. Furthermore, the software is easy to use and the tax reports are generated in a legally compliant manner – ideal for submission to the tax authorities.

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The advantages with Blockpit

All trades in one clear dashboard and audited control framework

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  • Portfolio tracking – Track the performance of your entire crypto portfolio, including tokenized stocks
  • Tax optimisationSee your unrealized gains/losses and optimize your trades via tax loss harvesting
  • Futures & margin tradingSupport for future and margin trading on exchanges
  • NFT & DeFi support (incl. Staking)Support for Staking, NFT trading and DeFi applications (Decentralized Swaps, Liquidity Mining, Yield Farming)
  • Email support Comprehensive and highly responsive support via email

The comparison between Blockpit and Koinly

Decide today and benefit for a lifetime

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The change from Koinly to Blockpit

The change is simple, fast and uncomplicated.

We supported 50,000 other assets besides Bitcoin and Ethereum

Blockpit as a crypto tax software offers a user-friendly solution that helps calculate and file tax returns for crypto transactions.