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01Compare Cointracking to Blockpit

What are the differences between Cointracking and us?

Blockpit and Cointracking compared
clear dashboard
mobile app
officially audited software
CSV import
API import
optimized HIFO for Austria
platform available in English and German
business solutions
unlimited manual entries for free

02Switch to Blockpit

Without any effort

Now you can easily integrate your trades from Cointracking into Blockpit without much effort! For this you need your trades to be exported in the JSON format. Instructions on how to download a file in JSON format from Cointracking are available here.

03The Blockpit platform

All your trades in one clear dashboard

Cryptocurrencies & taxation are complex and hard to grasp issues, therefore our focus is on making the platform easy to use, as well as providing great usability. As clearly shows, filing taxes for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and co. concerns investors and traders just as much as government bodies and corporations. Our partner network consisting of certified tax advisors provides the added value of not having to rely on a black box when calculating crypto tax profits, but instead being able to rely on a certified, compliant report. Correctly file your cryptocurrency taxes and stay on the safe side with officially validated tax documentation.
Blockpit-tax calculation and portfolio tracking

Cryptocurrency portfolio tracking and tax filing made easy

Let Blockpit do the work for you