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Tax report for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin

What distinguishes Blockpit form Koinly?

Comparison of the two tax tools

Both Koinly and Blockpit offer a easy-to-use cryptocurrency control software. One of the biggest advantages of Blockpit over Koinly is, that Blockpit offers a free app for iOS and Android. The Blockpit mobile app is in no way lagging behind the web application and contains all the important features, that allow you to get an overview of your portfolio, tax reports and the crypto market. Use the mobile app to keep track of your crypto trades and taxes even on the road.

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Reviews and ratings from users

Koinly has a TrustPilot rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Koinly offers its software for many countries worldwide. Blockpit, on the other hand, currently has a special focus on the DACH region and offers an optimized calculation especially for the countries Germany and Austria. For cryptocurrency owners from the DACH region in particular, the crypto tax software from Blockpit would be exciting.

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Functions and features of Blockpit

Blockpit offers a webapp, but also a mobile app for iOS and Android. The reviews from the Play- & App Store are very positive and give a good insight into the services of Blockpit. Besides the crypto tax software, Blockpit keeps its users and interested parties up to date with regular blog articles and social media about the correct taxation of cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, information about the taxation of cryptocurrencies can still only be found on the internet very rarely. For this reason Blockpit has developed the Kryptosteuerguide in cooperation. This guide answers the most frequently asked questions about taxes on cryptocurrencies for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Functions of the crypto app Blockpit

What advantages does Blockpit offer cryptocurrency owners?

Portfolio Management
  • Simple recording of your trades
  • Overview of your portfolio development in real time
  • Information on taxable profits/losses and more
Tax report as download
  • Certification by partners
  • Download tax return as PDF file
  • Accepted proof of origin for banks & tax offices
Automatic import
  • Import of trades through API access
  • Real-time reading of the crypto-balances
  • Ongoing integration of new APIs

The Blockpit platform

All your trades in one clear dashboard

The trade with cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, has become more and more interesting. However, the subject of taxes is often underestimated. Thanks to Blockpit you can keep an overview of all your crypto trades in a clearly arranged portfolio. Add your transactions automatically via API access from exchanges and track your trades across wallets and exchanges. Choose from different calculation methods like LIFO, HIFO or FIFO. Track realized and unrealized gains or losses on the go with the free mobile app for Android and iOS. Use the different subscription models and try Blockpit for free with the Basic subscription.
Blockpit-tax calculation and portfolio tracking