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Alternative to LukkaTax

Easy tax filing for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins

Compare LukkaTax to Blockpit

What are the differences between LukkaTax and us?

Blockpit and LukkaTax compared
platform available in English and German'
iOS app
Android app
officially audited software
CSV import
API import
optimized HIFO for Austria
focus on European tax legislation
business solutions

The Blockpit platform

All your trades in one clear dashboard

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and other "Altcoins" are becoming increasingly popular. More and more people trade in cryptocurrencies. But many people don't know that every trade could be a taxable event and that profits from crypto trading, mining, airdrops and ICOs are taxable, like any other income. At Blockpit, we put a clear focus on tax reporting with our solution. Automatic tax calculation, which only requires a one-time setup, is an extreme time saver for every crypto trader. Our partner network with certified (crypto) tax advisors provides the added value that an officially audited tax report is available to the user on request. You do not have to rely on a black box without guarantee when calculating the tax-relevant income, but can fall back on an official report.
Blockpit-tax calculation and portfolio tracking