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Portfolio tracking and tax filing for Bitcoin & co.

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What are the differences between and us?

Blockpit and compared
platform available in English and German
mobile app
CSV import
API import
extensive knowledge base and support center
focus on European tax legislation
optimized HIFO for Austria
officially audited software
manual entries for free

The Blockpit platform

All your trades in one clear dashboard

Cryptocurrency trading with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple & co. has grown steadily over the past few years. What many do not know is that both profits and losses from trading in cryptocurrencies are taxable events. Blockpit offers a tool that meets the requirements for traders and all those who own Bitcoin, Ether & co. and have their assets spread across various exchanges. At the moment you can choose between LIFO, HIFO and FIFO calculation methods. Through API import, users can easily record transactions from different exchanges. Thanks to the mobile app, Blockpit users can also track all trades and income in a clear dashboard while on the move. With our partner network in the background, we provide our users with the added value that they can rely on an official report when calculating the tax burden of cryptos.
Blockpit-tax calculation and portfolio tracking