Raveena Perera

Decentralized Exchanges: good or bad choice?

Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) are gaining traction as an alternative to Centralized Exchanges (CEX). This popularity is mainly due to the fact that DEXs contribute to an independent and decentralized crypto environment, without the interference of a third party like in CEXs.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies
Blockpit Team

Why the EU regulation of unhosted wallets can’t work

Maybe you’ve heard about it already. European decision makers are taking big steps to regulate the decentralized finance sector in the EU. The latest developments

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Cryptocurrency Trading
Raveena Perera

51 Terms Every Crypto Expert Needs to Know

If you’re in bitcoin trading, you can’t avoid the use of Twitter for receiving information. Twitter is a haven for all crypto traders with limitless

Marcell Nimfuehr

12 Golden Rules of Crypto Trading

There are many books, short guides and tips on how to trade crypto. But you can only succeed by gaining crypto trading experience. Here are

Blockchain Technology
Raveena Perera

The Oracle Problem (and how to solve it)

Integrating information-providing Oracle is a major challenge for blockchain developers and DeFi. Find out exactly where the problem lies, why it could become a stumbling

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