Attention: Just 4GameChangers!

The #4GameChangers festival is the Austrian event par excellence, if one counts the number of high-quality speakers and influencers from the German-speaking area. But also international guests could not be missing. In addition to personalities such as Bruce Dickinson, Heather Mills, Sebastian Kurz and Rea Garvey were also speakers such as Markus Kreisel, Julian Hosp and Gerald Hörhan on the mainstage.

We ourselves did not have much time to have a look at the talks because our goal for the three festival days was different:

To be as close as possible to the crypto-community and thus people who are interested in our platform.

Therefore, our first day began early with the build-up of the Blockpit booth, because it was important to us that those people who are interested in crypto know where to find us during the three days. Especially after the keynote by our CEO Florian Wimmer, the onslaught on our stand was enormous. We got questions about the current tax situation, our platform and about cryptocurrencies in general. A question we expected and that came up quite often:

"Do you really need to pay taxes? The (ann. Tax office) are not on it anyway! "

Our answer is short and concise: "Yes!" Past successful legal proceedings for the transfer of user data of known crypto exchanges such as 13,000 Coinbase Accounts to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) have shown that governmental institutions definitely want to get their piece of the cake. Thus, the Federal Ministry of Finance (Bundesministerium für Finanzen [BMF]) will put a lot on preventing tax evasion and money laundering with cryptocurrencies. It would be therefore very negligent and even dangerous not to do it.

What did we take with us from the 4GameChangers?

On the one hand a lot of valuable input and feedback from cryptotraders, on the other hand they were exciting days for us with a lot of interesting people, where we could connect to several important ones. For us it is always a nice and important experience that we can incorporate into the development of our platform.

Blockpits Keynote at 4GameChangers about cryptocurrency taxation


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