Blockpit at the German Blockchain Week

The market has seen a rise in blockchain technology for businesses and also among the public during the previous years, still broad adoption has a long way to go, definitiely alsodue to missing understanding and expertise in the field. That’s why events like the German Blockchain Week are of vast importance for us to exchange with other experts on blockchain or cryptocurrencies and to raise awareness of the importance of this new field and what implication it brings.

As city of finance, Frankfurt (Germany) this week hosted the German Blockchain Week. Set up by the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center and the Disrupt Network, the event consisted of an agenda full of speakers on technology, ecosystems, investment and regulations. The events kicked off on Sunday evening with a meetup focusing on data centers for blockchains and decentralized systems. There we got some interesting insights on Bitmain’s project on decentralized exchanges and the views of the Advanced Blockchain AG on the potential of decentralization.

Frankfurt School Blockchain Center Presentation Blockpit

Decentralization and security tokens as main topics at the EWCC
The main event started on Monday morning when we set up our booth at the EWCC, the East-West Cryptobridge Conference as part of the German Blockchain Week. Placed at Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Blockpit was one of the few selected companies presented with a booth and we enjoyed a great number of talks with people from various backgrounds. Meanwhile also the university’s Audimax was filled with speakers on the topics of blockchain technology and ecosystems on day one.

Day two laid its focus on investments and regulations in the crypto sphere with a speech of our CEO Florian on compliance and tax reporting for virtual currencies. The topic of crypto taxation experiences large demand within the community at the event as many understand the need of regulations on cryptocurrencies, crypto assets or however you may define them. Apart from the topic of taxation the speeches addressed current issues and developments in Asia and Europe as for example the regulatory framework which is set up in Malta to increase blockchain adoption in the public sector. Another prevalent topic in various speeches but also in the conversations we had throughout the conference faced the shift from utility tokens to a market full of security tokens. This too was addressed by Prof. Philipp Sandner of Frankfurt School Blockchain Center and Alexander Höptner, CEO of Börse Stuttgart who talked about how to build financial markets that are compliant with regulatory requirements as well as about crypto assets and security tokens to be on the rise.

Blockpit at the German Blockchain Week

Our takeaways from the German Blockchain Week
Once again we enjoyed to be part of an international conference, this time at Frankfurt, Germany, to connect with crypto and blockchain enthusiasts from all over the world. We definitely see a shift from the hype in 2017 to a more reasoned approach to include virtual currencies and blockchain technology into existing systems and structures. Thus it was great to have a whole topic on regulations but also see that everybody understood the need for a framework for cryptocurrencies, initial coin offerings and co. This once more encourages us in our vision to provide a solution for the community.

Too we were happy to connect with other projects like NOIA, who are working on a decentralized content delivery network, or, who are developing a decentralized exchange. All in all we again made many connections to different people and potential partners, thus we can call the two days a great success. Florian right now is off to Warsaw for his next stop and we’ll keep you up to date on our journeys around the world on our social media channels.

Blockpit at the German Blockchain Week in Frankfurt


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