Blockpit CEO Florian Wimmer is a Forbes 30 Under 30

Within his surroundings Florian is known for his openness when it comes to technology and his strong ambitions when thinking about the future. Apart from the aim to build his own company, he also always wished to make it into Forbes Magazine someday. With effort and commitment, he was able to reach both these goals during the last years. Blockpit grew from a group of five people at the beginning into a 15-headed team in nearly half a year. The number of users increased to 2.000 since launching the beta version in January 2018 and the tool is adapted with new features every week.

This, for a considerable amount, is due to the open and motivational leadership style of our CEO. Florian not only grabs the team’s attention with his words, but captivates hundreds of people on pitching stages throughout Europe. Nevertheless, he won’t refuse to participate in operational tasks. To sum it up, there presumably are a number of positive traits which made the jury decide to include Florian in this year’s Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

Congratulations from the whole Blockpit Team!


(c) Forbes, (l.t.r. Demelza Hays (Incrementum), Valentin Scholz (Revolut), Florian Wimmer (Blockpit), Benjamin Bilski (Naga Group))

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