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As much as a startup is built on an innovative idea, it in the same amount requires a team in the background making these ideas thrive. Especially the field of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies demands expertise, experience and quick adaptions to a fast changing environment. A basis for a broad range of expertise was set when our co-founders teamed up in 2017 to found Blockpit. Five in some way similar but yet totally diverse professionals from multiple backgrounds layed a foundation for Blockpit in terms of crypto expertise, technological and IT know-how as well as experience in taxation and business. Rapid development soon asked for more operational forces and two more business enthusiasts joined our c-level, bringing with them new perspectives in marketing, strategy and operations. 

In the following paragraphs we want to introduce you to our c-level and co-founders, providing you with an idea of who stands behind Blockpit, who helped us get where we are now and who will drive development, innovation and growth of Blockpit in the future.   

The team that keeps our daily business running – Blockpit’s c-level

Our CEO and co-founder: Florian Wimmer 
“I had my first contact with Bitcoin in 2011, forgot about it until early 2015 and have been intensely involving myself with the technology and economy of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies since.” This early contact with the topic of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain enabled our CEO with a profound understanding of the technological implications as well as the structure and network behind this new economy. You may have heard of this background of Florian but there’s not only cryptocurrencies on his mind. It is his broad understanding of economics in general and digital transformation through his experiences with KPMG, his education in media technology and years of experience in digital marketing that make him a visionary. Although he drifted from a creative approach in marketing to a more analytical approach in finance, he has not lost his ability to look at things from different angles spending hours listening to Ted Talks and crazy theories about the near future to broaden his horizon. For his achievements in business but also his management of Blockpit he was chosen for the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in finance in 2018 and we are sure more steps like this are about to come.

What’s going on right now in the life of our CEO? Florian is out and about most of the time, visiting conferences and taking meetings all over the world. “Exchanging ideas with experts globally gives me vital insights in international structures and allows me to bring Blockpit’s vision to the global finance and crypto market. I have already developed a lot in terms of know-how but also in personality while growing a global network and engaging with visionaries and open minds wherever I go.” 

Our CTO and co-founder: Mathias Maier
“I am a passionate coder,” is how Mathias might describe himself but he enriches Blockpit with many more qualifications. Since his youth our CTO has a restless mind, ever curious about new technologies, thus also an early trader of cryptocurrencies and a blockchain enthusiast. He started crypto trading in 2013 and educated himself on the technology behind blockchain, data security and artificial intelligence, providing a great understanding for what is necessary to develop a web application in the crypto space. Yet Mathias also is aware of how important a greater picture is and keeps himself up to date not only on development but also marketing, knowledge management and many other disciplines. His precise knowledge in web development stems from his diploma in interactive media and software development and was nourished with various work experiences. Additionally, Mathias has a background in founding, being the CEO and founder of, a platform for organizational communication.

Our CMO: Lukas Krainz 
Communication is the key and essential for day to day business in a startup as well as the development of a community. Lukas is experienced in this field, building a bridge between different departments and presenting Blockpit to the outer community. Where does all this come from? Lukas started in a totally different field, Eco Energy Engineering in which he holds a masters degree, but soon learnt to value his talent for project management and communication. This passion he set in action during various projects at university but also during his time being COO and content creator at the startup LAWIF. The experiences there enabled him with deeper understanding of marketing but also business strategy for startups which he successfully implements at Blockpit today. Apart from creating content for companies, Lukas passes on his own experiences being the author of a motivational book.

“We now have the chance to shape our future with a technology which is completely underestimated. The longer I am working in this field, the more I see the potential for the future. This fact surrounded by an awesome team motivates me every day.”

C level blockpit new aa7

The business expertise behind Blockpit – our co-founders

IT consultant and co-founder: Gerd Karlhuber 
As IT consultant and Director at KPMG Austria Gerd also found interest in the crypto and blockchain space at an early stage, describing himself as blockchain enthusiast today. With over ten years at KPMG he has an expertise in IT auditing, data analytics and cyber security which he applies to help companies manage and improve their digital agenda. This, mixed with his clear and well thought out approach to complex situations is what makes him a vital part in the Blockpit team. Being open minded to new opportunities and other perspectives Gerd supports the c-level with strategy planning, fundraising and a great network of business professionals and experts in the finance sector.

Tax expert and co-founder: Patric Stadlbauer
Patric combines a great interest in the crypto space with his profound know-how of taxation and auditing. As Audit manager at KPMG Austria he holds a deep knowledge of tax schemes and strategy and thrives to engage further in the innovative market of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. He is up to date about information about regulatory changes which allows Blockpit to act rapidly according to them. Ten years of experience provided him the understanding of the existing market and taught him the importance of taking steps towards new markets.

Business Angel and co-founder: Gert Weidinger
Gert’s business expertise stems from over 20 years of experience in auditing and forensic services. Since many years he is a successful partner at KPMG and passes on his knowledge as Business Angel in various areas. Besides financial auditing and tax consulting he specialises in compliance, risk management, digitalization, innovation, startups, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and many more. He passes this broad portfolio of expert knowledge and year long experience on to Blockpit, supporting the team with his know-how, network and as essential advisor in any business concerns. May it be strategy for fundraising or on-site support at VC meetings, Gert is strongly encouraging Blockpit’s development.



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