Blockpit x Bitvavo: portfolio tracking and tax reporting

Blockpit x Bitvavo
Great news for all traders and investors: we have expanded our offering of free portfolio tracking and country-specific tax reports to the Netherlands and Belgium. Blockpit tracks all transactions regardless of which exchange, blockchain, and wallet they are stored. We are also excited to announce that Blockpit has partnered with Bitvavo, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, and offer a special 35% discount for our tax report exclusively for Bitvavo users. The partnership with Bitvavo makes it even more convenient and affordable for Bitvavo users to stay compliant with their taxes.

Tax reporting for the Netherlands and Belgium and free portfolio tracking

Blockpit has enabled country-specific tax reporting for the Netherlands and Belgium in addition to the already supported Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain and the USA. For all other countries, Blockpit offers comprehensive generic tax reports. Country-specific tax reports are a game changer for European crypto investors and traders, as they provide the highest degree of tax compliance according to the regulatory requirements of each country. An additional benefit of Blockpit is that it allows users to import over 50.000 assets from more than 70 different exchanges, blockchains, and wallets such as Bitvavo, Binance, Bitpanda, coinbase,, Kraken, Metamask, Polygon, Solana and more simply via API. Here you can find a list of all integrations.

Integrations GIF
All intergrations of Blockpit here

Since it is possible to import transactions from different sources, users can easily keep track of all their digital assets with free portfolio tracking. With just a few mouse clicks, our users can calculate their crypto taxes and generate country-specific tax reports. This also gives them a real-time overview of their tax-free threshold and is extremely useful for those with assets on multiple platforms. With Blockpit, they can get a clear picture of their overall tax situation, regardless of where their assets are stored. Blockpit delivers a full transaction history which can be used as Proof of Funds and documentation for the tax authorities.

One of the key benefits of Blockpit’s software is country-specific tax reporting. Each country has its own regulations regarding cryptocurrency taxation and it can be challenging for cryptocurrency holders to navigate the complexities of the tax system. Blockpit’s software takes care of this by providing country-specific tax reports that are compliant with local regulations. For users in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and the USA this means that they can rest assured that their tax reporting is accurate and in line with local laws. Blockpit also makes it easy to provide the necessary documentation, such as Proof of Funds and full transaction history, for tax reporting purposes.

Partnership with Bitvavo

In addition to this new offering, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Bitvavo, a leading cryptocurrency exchange based in the Netherlands. All Bitvavo users can now access Blockpit’s tax reporting solution with a special 35% discount on the purchase of your first Blockpit license as part of this partnership. For those who don’t have a Bitvavo account, you can get a 10 EUR welcome bonus on Bitvavo, when you register via this link.

This partnership makes it even more convenient and cost-saving for Bitvavo customers to get an overview of their taxes.

Getting started is easy. Bitvavo users can simply log in to their Bitvavo account, go to the transaction history screen and click “Tax Report with Blockpit.” This takes them to a Blockpit landing page, where they can create a Blockpit account. Once registered, they can import their assets and generate their tax report. Watch our step-by-step guide to setting up your Blockpit account and importing your Bitvavo transactions:

User Journey Bitvavo
Instructions on how to create a Blockpit account via Bitvavo

Netherlands Crypto Tax Guide 2023

For all who want to inform themselves about the taxation of cryptocurrencies in the Netherlands, we have published a detailed guide. This guide is designed to help Dutch traders and investors understand the tax implications of their crypto transactions and how to stay compliant with Dutch tax laws.

The guide covers a wide range of topics, including:

Netherland Crypto Tax Guide 2023 Mail
Netherlands Crypto Tax Guide 2023

Belgium Crypto Tax Guide 2023

The new Belgium Crypto Tax Guide for 2023 provides valuable information for cryptocurrency holders in Belgium. By registering with Blockpit, users can easily calculate their crypto taxes and generate the necessary tax reports for the Belgian tax authorities.

Our guide gives answers to the following questions:

Belgium Crypto Tax Guide 2023
Belgium Crypto Tax Guide 2023

You are not resident in the Netherlands or Belgium? No problem, we also offer a German, Austrian and French Tax Guide. We are constantly adding new countries to our Tax Guides. Stay informed and register at Blockpit to stay up to date.


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