An interview with our Dev-Team

In this interview, our UX/UI designer Dominik and our fullstack-developers Wolfgang and Lukas share some of their thoughts on why they decided to become part of the Blockpit team. They will also give insights into what their responsibilities are and what they enjoy about their job. 

Why did you decide to become part of the Blockpit team?

Wolfgang: My main reasons for joining Blockpit were the start-up environment, the opportunities for promotion and the field we are working in. Aside from that, other crucial factors were the direct responsibility, the team itself and the location inside the Tabakfabrik.

DominikRight from the start I received a high degree of independence within my domain of design. The job was basically tailored for my needs, my skills came into full effect it ultimately had a great impact on our product. Apart from the professional side, the laid-back atmosphere during the interview was important to me for my decision to join Blockpit.

LukasBlockpit’s team is not only likable but also highly competent, which means that you can always improve your own skills. Also, each team member is very open-minded in terms of feedback and ideas, which is very important to me.

What are your tasks at Blockpit?

Wolfgang: I’m the one in charge for coming up with a concept, developing it and keeping track of our product together with my team. Also, I’m responsible for our OKR project management from a development perspective and on a company-wide scale.

DominikI’m responsible for every aspect of Blockpit’s visual appearance, ranging from UI/UX design and screen design with HTML & SCSS to classic graphic design and development of our own design system.

LukasI’m in charge of frontend and backend development. To me it is important to offer an application to our users that is easy to use.

What do you like most about your job?

Wolfgang: I like the mixture of up-to-date software development and strategic planning of the future of Blockpit and our product. I also like the way we work together in our dev-team and the other compartments of our company. The daily challenges of a start-up and the laid-back atmosphere within our team are big advantages of working at Blockpit.

Dominik: I value my high degree of autonomy that is granted here, which enables me to make the most out of my potential. The great atmosphere is also something I think of highly. Each one of us knows where the other one’s strengths lie and by exchanging our knowledge we can progress not only as a company but also as individuals. The team is like a big family and each member has their own unique space.

Lukas: The thing I like the most is working together with like-minded people and having the opportunity to learn something new every day, regardless of it being about crypto or new technologies.


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