An Outlook for 2020

Another year has started and we want to give you some insight on how we at Blockpit plan to start off the decade. Read about our main goals below and receive an outlook at what we will be up to in 2020.

Winning New Markets and Cooperations within Europe
For the second half of 2019 we were busy discussing cooperations and partnerships with major companies. In 2020 we want to focus on reaching new markets through these cooperations and gaining a bigger audience for our products. This will include both business partnerships and customer acquisition in multiple countries.

Launch of our V2 Tax Calculation and Portfolio Tracking Software Tool
The new year also marks the launch of the new version of our crypto-tax tool. We will soon announce when it will be ready for use and inform you about the new features and improvements. We’ve been working on this for the majority of 2019, so you can manage and track your portfolio more easily and file your taxes quickly and safely. A new design also makes it easier to navigate Blockpit’s software tool.

With these main goals in mind we can safely say that there will be a lot going on here at Blockpit all year long. As a company and as individuals we are looking forward to many new challenges and opportunities in 2020 and wish you a great start of the year!


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