Cryptocurrency Trading
Marcell Nimfuehr

12 Golden Rules of Crypto Trading for Beginners

There are many books, short guides and tips on crypto trading for beginners. But you can only succeed by gaining crypto trading experience. Here are

Blockchain Technology
Blockpit Team

The Oracle Problem (and how to solve it)

Integrating information-providing Oracle is a major challenge for blockchain developers and DeFi. Find out exactly where the problem lies, why it could become a stumbling

Female Founders and Blockpit
Blockpit Insights
Katja Riel

Blockpit & Female Founders

Last weekend, we were supporting the LTST TalentHack! The 3-day online hackathon by Female Founders was hosted for women who are interested in tech to

Blockpit Platform
Katharina Scheutz

Blockpit x Bitpanda BEST Airdrop

Christmas is early this year! Register a new Blockpit account through Bitpanda to receive between €5 and €200 BEST Airdrop and a 25% discount on all Blockpit licences.

Cryptocurrency Trading
Katharina Scheutz

How to create passive income from crypto assets?

Hodling and trading are by no means the only ways to generate income in Crypto anymore. Especially DeFi (decentralized finance) paved the way for passive

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies
Florian Passegger

Custom Rates Feature

Set missing currency rates for your crypto assets If cryptocurrencies are traded, it can result in taxable profits and losses. For the correct determination of

The Big Blockpit Easter Giveaway
The Easter Bunny and Blockpit are giving away exclusive prizes with a total value of over 2500 Euro. Only until April 19th