Cryptocurrency Trading
Katharina Scheutz

DeFi Token Rewards

In this article of the Decentralised Finance (DeFi) series, we will introduce you to the tax relevance of token rewards. DeFi has become one of

Tax and Regulations
Katharina Scheutz

Tax optimization of Airdrops and Bounties

Blockpit partners with Erbana Media Blockpit enters into a cooperation with Erbana Media, the providers of the platform Airdrops and bounties have been a

Blockpit Platform
Florian Passegger

The Functions of our Cryptotax-Tool

Filing a tax report is a necessity that most crypto-traders often neglect. To make the most out of your taxes in 2020 Blockpit provides you

Blockpit Insights
Katharina Scheutz

Blockpit at Austria’s largest IT career fair

Blockpit is ever-growing and on the lookout for web developers to come aboard the team and take part in the early days of a rising business.

The Big Blockpit Easter Giveaway
The Easter Bunny and Blockpit are giving away exclusive prizes with a total value of over 2500 Euro. Only until April 19th