Blockpit Platform
Florian Passegger

Everything in one hand thanks to ERC20 Balance Import

In addition to the first and original cryptocurrency Bitcoin, there are of course many other coins and tokens with different technical backgrounds and characteristics. For

Florian Wimmer

The Development of the Crypto-Tax

Cryptocurrencies have been around for more than a decade now, but lawmakers, accountants and investors still struggle to tax them properly. Why it is a

Florian Passegger

What awaits you in Blockpit: Version 1

We are releasing version 1 of the Blockpit platform! Today we are setting another milestone for Blockpit but also for the crypto community this step

Tax and Regulations
Katharina Scheutz

How are cryptocurrencies regulated in Slovakia?

“We perceive virtual currencies as having two roles now: one as a means of exchange and the other, as an investment asset,” says Slovakia’s Finance

The Big Blockpit Easter Giveaway
The Easter Bunny and Blockpit are giving away exclusive prizes with a total value of over 2500 Euro. Only until April 19th