Our Office in Linz

A person’s home says a lot about their character so we wanted to give you some exclusive insight into Blockpit’s headquarters in Linz, Austria. Blockpit’s offices are currently situated in the factory300 floor of the Tabakfabrik

Linz as our base

The metropolitan area of Linz is widely known throughout all of Austria for its high focus on industry and technology. The town, also known as "steel-city", located in the heart of Europe offers a lot of advantages for businesses, such as great infrastructure and a high standard of living. Moreover, Linz has turned itself into a hotspot for IT-companies during the past few years. Due to its proximity to the Johannes Kepler University and the University of Applied Sciences in Hagenberg, the city of Linz is provided with a large supply of qualified professionals in the field of science and technology.

The Tabakfabrik and its factory300

Ever since the Tabakfabrik was built in the late 1930s, it has been an iconic work of architecture. During the past decade it has undergone a lot of reconstruction and restoration to preserve its original charm and add some modern elements, like graffitis. The inside of the Tabakfabrik is home to many co-working spaces and event venues, which offer room for any type of activity. Ranging from quiet reading corners to big seminar rooms, anyone will find a space that fits their needs. Aside from that, exhibitions and conventions of all kinds frequently take place at the Tabakfabrik.

In the Tabakfabrik’s factory300 you will find many companies and startups that have their own offices and share co-working areas together. It is situated on the second floor of the main building and due to its open structure there is room for community. You get to know people from all types of fields and get to share some time chatting away with them. Events like community lunches and hackathons take place frequently and all ‘inhabitants’ of the factory are invited to join. Besides that, there’s always some healthy snacks and tasty coffee by J. Hornig in the community kitchen.

The Blockpit Pixels

There’s surely no cubicles to be found in the Tabakfabrik! Blockpit’s home consists of two ‘pixels’, i.e. open-community style offices. Due to our laid-back atmosphere we can foster open communication and team spirit.
Currently, our pixels are split into the domains of marketing and developments. Marketing often requires a lot of open dialogue, whereas development asks for more focus and attention. Each team member has their own office desk, fully equipped with Apple products and additional monitors. However, for team meetings and lunch break we all come together and enjoy our company. For stand-ups and meetings we like to use the factory’s common facilities.

During your interview we will gladly show you the factory300 and our offices. We consider it important to give our applicants authentic insight into our daily business and their prospective place of work. Also, you can get to know our team right away!

For more information on our application process head over to this blog entry.
If you have any questions or inquiries do not hesitate to send us an email at hr@blockpit.io


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