The new Features of Blockpit’s v2

Over the past year we’ve been working on the launch of the V2 of our Cryptotax-Reporting Software. Blockpit has not only improved the software for our users but we’ve also added some features. Quite a lot has changed and this is why we will show the new features and improvements in this blogpost.

New User Interface
We overhauled most of our user-interface and gave it a fresh new look. The software is now a lot easier to navigate, for both new and experienced users, and more visually appealing thanks to the minimalistic design. The new interface also shows the most important KPIs of the user’s portfolio on its dashboard, to provide you with all the information needed for tax optimized trading. Also, insights into depots, coin holdings and transactions with more relevant are figures are now available. Links between outgoing and incoming transactions of different exchanges are now clearly visible and make it easier to navigate through your own trades.

Apart from all that introduce the our dark mode to match our users’ visual preferences and have optimized the design for the mobile app as well.

The Use of Depots
In order to make it easier for our users to keep track of all their crypto-assets we are introducing depots that allow them to to have different sources in one place. Depots make it possible to concentrate an API-import, CSV widget and manual transactions all inside one dedicated assignment. This enables our users to have a better overview of their assets without having to switch between widgets. Transactions can now be automatically linked between different depots to give a complete documentation of asset flows.

Better Performance
The new version of our platform works faster and more seamlessly than ever. Users will now spend less time worrying about their taxes and can dedicate more time to trading. Moreover, a new helpcenter offers convenient answers to all topics surrounding the tool.

A summary of the most important changes and the new features can be found in the video below:


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