Working on Blockpit’s Values

Values can be found on any company’s webpage, but most of the time they are just placeholders for empty promises and have no relevance in everyday life. This is exactly why here at Blockpit, we decided that our company values have to be determined through all of us and also expressed by us as a team. At the start of September, we had the honor of spending one and a half days with communication expert Iris Zeppezauer of Sekunde Eins to work on our very own Blockpit-Manifesto.

Blockpit – Who We Are and What We Stand For

Blockpit consist of a young, dynamic team dealing with a topic that has only existed for a few years and is only starting to get accepted by the broad masses now. There’s steady development and changes happen on the daily – which is we we need clear values that help us maintain a position in this fast-paced world. Values function like a GPS system for humans, giving us direction and helping us to keep the focus on our goals. Creating a framework of values enables us as a team to reach our objectives. Moreover, values are important signposts for our partners to understand the principles we follow through our work and what we stand for.

Values Workshop

In a span of almost two full days we were working on defining our values by using the Disney-Method. The method designed by Robert B. Dilts (No, not Walt Disney!) puts the participants into different roles, allowing to take different viewpoints on one issue and ultimately define it. In the following paragraph, we will quickly sketch out this highly effective method for you.

  • You enter the topic as a dreamer: What is your ideal version of Blockpit? What are the goals and values we want to achieve? In a creative process we collected all sorts of thoughts and ideas.
  • Next up is a reality-check: The realist checks what can and cannot be done. We took our time to find out how to incorporate our dreams and ideas into everyday life.
  • Ultimately, criticism helps to finalize our values: we go over the ideas of the dreamer and the plans of the realist again to write down our Blockpit-Manifesto.

Blockpit – Our Values

After these two days of drafting and reviewing we managed to connect many little pieces of ideas and plans into one big picture. Even though it was hard for us to distinguish components from one another, we ultimately came up with five core values that Blockpit’s vision is based on. Overt communication, a focus on quality, pioneer-spirit and steady development both personally and professionally are central to us at Blockpit.

Blockpit’s Vision: We put trust and efficiency into the financial system of the future.

  • We take care of each other: overt communication enables us to grow as a team.
  • We want to impress: together we develop high-quality solutions for the future needs of our customers.
  • We make fast and sound decisions: at any time we focus on the same goals and react resolutely to changes.
  • We value our resources: time and money are used wisely to create high-quality solutions for our customers.
  • We shape the market: as pioneers we act bravely and set the bar. 

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