We are Blockpit

Nearly a year passed since Blockpit was founded in September 2017 by five crypto enthusiasts from Austria. Our co-founders were desperately looking for a solution on how to tax their crypto incomes. A promising solution at that point was impossible to find. Starting with an idea they founded a StartUp, tackling a problem, that millions of cryptocurrency holders, traders and miners have.

With the issue of crypto taxation being not only an Austrian problem but a worldwide concern of the crypto community, Blockpit faced enormous growth. Hence, not long after finding Blockpit, a team of five was far too small to handle a project that big. That’s why after ten months we now count 17 members as part of our team. We are a bunch of completely different individuals but we all share Blockpits vision of providing a European standard for crypto-taxation and that’s what makes us the team we are now.

At the moment we are working at different locations throughout Austria (Hagenberg, Linz and Vienna) but we manage to gather the whole team every once in a while. Not only for internal meetings but for strengthening the connections within our team and learning from each other’s experiences. Just a few days ago we all met in Linz, finally taking our team picture and getting to know those who just recently joined our team even better. It’s not only about building good relations with team members but about building friendships. That starts with interests we share. Activities, where WE is written in capital letters just suit best for this. That’s why we decided to go for a highly competitive round of team-bowling. Because we all know: nobody really knows how to bowl but it still is fun for everybody. And that’s what it’s all about – it’s this personal connection and the open-minded day to day business we have at Blockpit, that makes us stick together as a team and that makes us face all the tasks and challenges that a StartUp brings along with never ending motivation.

We operate in four main teams: Sales, Finance & Strategy, Development & Technology, Marketing & Community and Blockpit Advisory. While the members of Sales, Finance & Strategy focus on strategic partnerships and tax alliance developments, only through our developers we can translate our ideas into action. Our marketing team operates as link between those internal processes and the community. Image building at that point is as important as is a smoothly working support. All of this is backed by a strong force of advisors who support the whole team with their experience and expert advice.

Our goals are set high, especially with having the vision to provide a European standard for crypto tax reporting. With this in mind we are on the best way to grow even bigger and bigger. We are looking forward to whatever may come for Blockpit in the future!

14_2.jpgFounder (left to right: Mathias Maier, Gert Weidinger, Gerd Karlhuber, Patric Stadlbauer, Florian Wimmer)

14_3.jpgDevelopment & Technology (left to right: Friedrich Bachinger, Mathias Maier, Benjamin Wendtner, Wolfgang Eßl, Dominik Wurm)

14_1.jpgSales, Finance & Strategy (left to right: Lukas Krainz, Mathias Maier, Daniela Kalman, Florian Wimmer, Cornelius Palm)

14_4.jpgMarketing & Community (left to right: Nina Buchgraber, Lukas Krainz, Nicola Filzmoser)


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