Work from Home – How we make it possible to work remotely

Working from home has become more and more important in the past few years, especially in the domain of IT. Due to the effects of the COVID19-pandemic many companies experienced new challenges and had to adjust their daily office life to working remotely. Even though Blockpit has always offered the option of working from home it was new to us to do so for a longer period of time. This way we learnt that working remotely comes with many benefits and will play a big role in the future. In this blogpost we will give you some insights into how working from home works at Blockpit and how we can unify this concept with our corporate culture. 

Staying connected despite physical distance

A crucial aspect of working remotely is staying connected as a team despite the physical distance. With the help of videochat-software and messenger services we managed to keep each other updated even during the lockdown. Team updates did not take place in our offices, but instead on Google Hangouts. Slack Made it possible to keep track of decisions and news. With these tools we were able to have meetings, chat about work and coordinate our tasks. Only in the very beginning it felt a little unusual to not see your colleagues in person, but as time went on everything worked very well.

Data protection – always and everywhere

Data protection and the responsibility that comes with it is as important when working remotely as it is when working at our offices. When working from home, all of our users’ data and the information about assets and trades that come with it is protected through our security system. 

Working remotely in the future

As you can tell, this time taught us a lot about working remotely for the future. The whole Blockpit team can always work efficiently no matter where we work from. Our communication as a team is also maintained through the use of different digital tools. Basically, we only need our laptops and chargers to work from anywhere in the world. This is why all of our team members have the option of working from home and we will keep this as a central component of our corporate culture. 

However, we are all looking forward to return to our offices, because we really missed speaking to each other face-to-face. Going on lunch together and chatting on coffee break is a big part of team-building to us and also our corporate philosophy. 

We’re looking forward to being able to freely decide whether we want to come to out headquarter at the Tabakfabrik in Linz, Austria, or whether we want to work remotely. This long period of time working from home really showed us that we can work efficiently without any direct contact and that modern technology comes with many possibilities that could not have been thought of a decade ago. We really hope that more companies and fields will acknowledge the benefits of working remotely and will use it to their advantage. 

Blockpit has always offered the option of working from home. During the outbreak of the pandemic this has proven to be successful. In the future, we will definitely use the option of working from home a lot more and make the most out of it. More information on vacant positions and on our application process can be found here


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