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EU legislation on the tax reporting of customer transactions is constantly evolving. Blockpit helps you understand and implement DAC8 requirements.
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DAC8: obligatory reporting to tax authorities

EU obliges Exchanges and Crypto Asset Service Providers to share their users' tax data

What is DAC8?
DAC8 is the eight amendment of the “Directive on Administrative Cooperation” and aims to better regulate the tax aspects of crypto assets within the EU. A main objective of DAC8 is to create uniform tax transparency between Member States through coherent disclosure obligations for providers and issuers of crypto-assets and e-money.
What do I need to do?
As a first step, you need to carry out an assessment to determine whether your business qualifies as a Crypto Asset Service Provider and falls under the scope of DAC8. The next step is to identify your obligations under the new legislation, and the impact on your day-to-day operations.
Who is affected?
All organizations that service customers in the EU by processing crypto transactions, such as crypto exchanges, broker intermediaries and crypto ATMs. Also non-EU based organizations that operate in Europe, might be affected by the DAC8 directive. Please check our FAQ section for a detailed legal definition.
How can Blockpit help?
Our experts help you to identify the impact of DAC8 on your business and how you can benefit from the Blockpit DAC8 solution.

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