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01Which functions does Blockpit offer?

Track your portfolio development, set individual alerts and download your tax report

Portfolio Management
  • Simple recording of all trades
  • Real-time overview of portfolio development
  • Information on taxable profits and more
Downloadable tax report
  • Accepted and audited calculation
  • Can be submitted to the tax office
  • PDF download of the tax report
Automatic import
  • Widget import using API keys
  • Balances crawled in real time
  • Ongoing integration of new APIs


User-friendly alerts for your crypto portfolio

  • Automatic tips for portfolio optimization
  • Optimized result for the tax report

03Calculation methods

Easily calculate trades from wallets & exchanges

  • Common calculation methods selectable - FIFO, LIFO, HIFO
  • Ongoing integration of calculation methods


Blockpit facilitates tax filing between traders and authorities

  • Accepted & verified calculation result
  • Can be directly submitted to the tax authorities
  • Tax report as PDF download
  • Legal audit by tax advisors


Sync your transactions via API- and CSV access

  • Real-time data retrieval via API read access
  • Supported exchanges like Coinbase, Bitfinex, Kraken, Binance & Co
  • Upload via CSV imports

06Error Logs

Easy handling of the app thanks to error messages

  • Instructions for error handling
  • Missing transactions will be shown automatically (in progress)

Filing crypto taxes doesn't have to be rocket science

We help to calculate taxes on Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, Ripple, IOTA, Dash und co