Unified Financial API for web3

Blockpit’s Financial API simplifies the use of data from 16+ of the most popular public chains. Ideal for DeFi, tracking, accounting and custody providers.

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Accounting ready. Reporting ready. Analysis ready.

Supercharged platforms & applications with our simple API

Our Financial API solution your way

We provide you with a simple, structured and human readable API to power your apps & companies!

How it works

We built an information layer on top of the blockchain data to easily interpret even the most complex web3 transactions. Obtain human and machine readable transaction data for any wallet.

What you can do with our solution

Integrate an overview of wallet transactions and balances in your application. Provide a download of full transaction history.

$ export URL=http://blockchain-api.blockpit.io/api/Ethereum/GetTransactions?apiKey=yourApiKey&address=0x474E7a08B0Ff4550D526BCcc41302f848fdd4Be7&startblock=15179991 

Web3 at your fingertips

blockpit financial api
Indexing and querying blockchains for different solutions

Our list of public blockchains with enriched data queries

Bitcoin Blockchain 2
BinanceSmartChain 1
Crypto.org Chain 2
Juno Blockchain 1
Terra Classic Blockchain 1
Ethereum Blockchain 2
Bitcoin Cash Blockchain 1
Dogecoin Blockchain 1
Klaytn Blockchain 1
Polygon Blockchain 1
Avalanche Blockchain 2
Cardano Blockchain 1
Ethereum Classic 1
Litecoin Blockchain 1
Ripple Blockchain 1
Binance Blockchain 2
Cosmos Blockchain 1
Fantom Blockchain 1
Osmosis Blockchain 1
Tron Blockchain 1


All you need to know

Why Blockpit Financial data API

We bring confidence to the financial system of the future

structured data blockpit blockchain api
We interpret blockchain data for easy use
queryable data blockpit blockchain api
Query by address, xpub, transaction and more
easy integration of data blockpit blockchain api
Eease to integrate
Empower your application with a simple API
huma readable data blockpit blockchain api
Human readable

Blockchain transactions in human readable format

Supercharge your company with our Blockchain data importer

Choose Blockpit to ensure your smooth transition to web3 development.