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Cryptotax API

White-label Cryptotax API

Integrated crypto tax reporting for virtual asset service providers. Provide all tax forms to your users within your platform.
KPMG reviewed country-specific solution for multiple jurisdictions.
Blockpit Cryptotax API
Blockpit Cryptotax API
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In Detail

Cryptotax API Features

A built-in solution to help your customers comply with the increasing tax compliance requirements. Provide tax reports and all tax forms to your customers directly on your platform. Calculate tax liability in real-time. Show unrealized gains and opportunities for tax optimization. All this works country-specific depending on the tax country of your users and is available as a white-label solution.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Bank-grade tax reporting​

Provide best-in-class tax reporting solution for your customers around the world. Highest data privacy standards with service hosted in our data centers in Vienna, Austria.
Blockpit Global Solution


As a leading provider of crypto compliance solutions, we offer tax reporting based on country-specific tax frameworks for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, and the USA. The UK and other countries coming soon. Generic tax reports are available for all other jurisdictions.
Blockpit Country Specific

Plug&Play API solution

Blockpit white-label solution can be easily integrated into any system via the API. See our API documentation.
Blockpit Easy Integration
Automated support for all types of activities, including trading, staking, lending, forks, airdrops, mining, margin trading, DeFi, token sales and many more.
Blockpit All In

More value with tax optimization

Let your users monitor unrealized gains / losses for tax optimization. Offer them automated execution of sell orders to harvest losses and lower tax liabilities.
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