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Blockpit Affiliate System

Get your free TAX Token!

The Blockpit Affiliate System rewards you with TAX Token for bringing our platform and tokensale to the people

Here's how it works: You can find your affiliate link in the wallet section of your Blockpit profile. If someone registers an active account on Blockpit or KYC (verify the profile) for the tokensale using that link the promoter will earn rewards.

Example of a referral link:

You can earn Blockpit TAX Token in two ways:

1.) You get TAX Token for purchased Blockpit platform users**

For every active user you promote, you are rewarded with 50 TAX Token.

2.) You get TAX Token for valid whitelisting

For every person signing up through your Affiliate Link and completing the KYC (personal verification) process, you will receive 50 TAX ‚Äč‚ÄčToken.

Reward system*

Blockpit TAX Token can be redeemed to increase your Blockpit rank and unlock premium features, or can be sold at the market. People which are very active in promoting additional users can claim milestone rewards:

Promoted 10+ users: One-time reward of 100 TAX
Promoted 25+ users: One-time reward of 500 TAX
Promoted 50+ users: One-time reward of 1,000 TAX
Promoted 100+ users: One-time reward of 5,000 TAX and a Blockpit T-shirt or Hoodie

* Numbers are subject to change.

** Only unique and active referrals will count as valid towards the affiliate system! Referred users will be validated based on several aspects, which we won't completely disclose to reduce the risk of abuse. Factors include amongst others the existence of an exchange widget and rational transactions.