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We want to share our plans for the future.

Q1 2018

  • Release whitepaper v1
  • iOS and Android app closed beta
  • Binance, Kraken, Bitfinex & Cryptopia import
  • Corporate pilot projects for Asset Economics

Q2 2018

Meet us at:
4Gamechangers & WeAreDevs (Vienna), Collision (New Orleans) and Moneyconf (Dublin).

  • Release final whitepaper
  • Active Affiliate System
  • Release PDF Transaction Report
  • Formation of Tax Alliance of beta users with institutions in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.
  • Include KuCoin, Coinfinity, Hitbtc, Livecoin & more
  • Include BTC/ETH/Erc20 wallet import

Q3 2018

  • iOS and Android app release
  • Enable token wallet on platform
  • Integration of approved tax report
  • Release Asset Economics tool
  • Release Portfolio Development Graph

Q4 2018

  • Include custom alerts system
  • Include custom tax hints
  • Expand Tax Alliance in Europe and the US
  • Include more exchanges


  • Release API
  • Include tax calculation for mining & master nodes
  • Automate calculation for additional occasions
    (eg airdrops, hardforks, staking)
  • Performance optimization


  • Expanding partner network
  • Update to regulation changes
  • Additional Features