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Tokensale Update

Key facts on the Security Token Offering

We have updated the conditions of our tokensale! The TAX Token evolves into a Security Token and our tokensale is now a so called Security Token Offering (STO). Austrian legislation on token offerings became more clear and now allows us to issue a Security Token, which offers many advantages over the Application Access Token we planned to integrate so far. With the new token model we're making the platform more accessible for users, while investors are presented with an improved opportunity to generate a sustainable ROI. The new TAX Token now rewards holders with a share of all revenue generated by the Blockpit platform. Further more, in order to use the tool to its full potential, it is not necessary to hold tokens anymore.

Frequently asked questions about the switch to a Security Token Offering are answered below. Detailed information can be found at

Your questions, answered.

Changes around the Whitelisting, your TAX Token and the affiliate program and more


What about my whitelisting?

Why is it no longer possible to participate in whitelisting?

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the whitelisting so far. However, whitelisting is no longer necessary, as we will personally contact everyone who wants to participate in the Security Token Offering.

To show our appreciation for early supporters of the platform, everybody who already completed whitelisting can use the platform free of charge for one year. If you are interested in the STO or have any questions about your whitelisting please contact [email protected].

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What happens to my redeemed vouchers/Airdropcodes?

What happens to my TAX tokens?

TAX Token obtained through the affiliate program will remain valid. These Token are converted into "credits" which you can use as payment for the platform once the full version goes live. One credit is worth 0.10 Euro. However, these credits are not "Security TAX Token" as we offer them in the STO, but can only be used to pay for your platform subscription.

The full version will go online at the beginning of 2019. Blockpit will then offer a modular subscription system, which includes price gradations depending on the intensity of use.


What happens to the affiliate program?

The affiliate program continues to exist. From now on, you can earn discount codes via the affiliate program, which allow you to use the platform at a reduced price. Any TAX Token previously given out through the affiliate program will be converted into "credits". One credit is still equivalent to 0.10 Euro. However, these credits are not "Security TAX Token" as we issue them in the STO, but can only be used to pay for your platform subscription. Bonus rewards for users who recruit a particularly large number of new users will remain in place. You can no longer earn credits for referred whitelisted users as we no longer offer a whitelisting.

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