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Security Token Offering

Everything you need to know

The TAX Token evolves into a Security Token and our tokensale now falls under the category of a Security Token Offering (STO). With the new token model we're making the platform more accessible for users, while investors are presented with an improved opportunity to generate a sustainable ROI. The new TAX Token now rewards holders with a share of all revenue generated by the Blockpit platform.
Frequently asked questions about the updated tokensale from the Blockpit user's point of view will be answered under

Blockpit's Security Token Offering in three answers

The way we choose to go

There are several reasons for the Security Token Offering. The decisive factor is that a security token is more sustainable on a SaaS platform than forcing a utility token.

- More freedom in development, because no token economy has to be considered
- No entry barrier for new platform users, as a token does not necessarily have to be purchased
- Lower volatility as the token value is linked to the company’s turnover
- Fair revenue share based on holding duration
- No minimum holding duration
- Easy to explain token functionality, no complex system
- As early adopters we will be one of the first offerings on “traditional” crypto exchanges for security tokens
- Reward for investors by simply holding the token, no speculation necessary to achieve ROI
The fundraising consists of two parts. First we are conducting a private offering, which is a personal proposal for interested investors. The second step starts with the creation of a capital market prospect and a public offering of Token.

The phases are not temporary limited, but restricted to the stock of tokens. Unsold tokens are inactive and do not hold a share in the distribution pool. Early investors therefore have the opportunity to get a larger share of the turnover distribution.

The first phase consists of a private offering of rights similar to securities (participation, revenue share) as defined by the Austrian Capital Markets Act (KMA), which is not subject to approval by the Financial Market Authority. In the second phase, we plan to issue a capital market prospectus in accordance with the KMA, whereby the rights offered will stay the same. However, it will be a public offering. The subscription conditions are currently being worked out and will soon be made available to interested investors
STO investors receive their TAX Token immediately upon conclusion of contract in their Blockpit account. Each investor has access to a special token menu in which he can find a completely transparent overview of his investment. The distribution addresses can also be stored in this menu. The revenue share takes place monthly and comes into effect immediately (whereby first revenues are not expected until Q1 2019). Via the token menu the outstanding entitled revenue share can be transferred to a personal distribution address. At the moment, tokens from the private offering are not tradable.

What others say about security token

The crypto market is in a state of flux

"It’s inevitable that security tokens will transform equity just as bitcoin has transformed currency, because they afford the owner a direct, liquid economic interest and the expedited delivery of proceeds. Every type of ownership can be tokenized, which is a massive multi-trillion dollar addressable market."

Carlos Domingo

SPICE Venture Capital founder
"Security token offerings are the investment tool of the future, a mechanism designed to store wealth by utilizing income-producing digital assets. By opening access to investing in traditional assets like real estate, we are creating a new opportunity for investors to explore an ownership stake in something previously only accessible to private investors and high net worth individuals."

Stephane de Baets

President of Elevated Returns
"Securitization is important in a legal context in that in order to transition from where Blockchain and Cryptocurrency began to where it's going, it's an absolute necessity that at this point that certain token offerings, tokens being securitized follow a legal framework that will protect both the issuer and the individuals and institutions that actually purchase them."

Sothi Thillairajah

CEO Blockone capital Inc

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