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All subscriptions at a glance

Stay on the safe side with Blockpit

max. 50 Transactions
  • API & Wallet Import
  • Tax report via PDF
  • Support via Helpcenter
above 25.000 Transactions
  • API & Wallet Import
  • Tax report via PDF
  • Support within 3 days
Discount codes are deducted from the original price and not from the promotional price

The Blockpit platform

All your trades and documents in one dashboard

Portfolio management Monitor transactions across wallets and exchanges
Calculate gains & losses Calculate profits & losses from trading, ICOs, Airdrops and more
Verified tax documents Get a complete report for your tax returns
Secure auto-sync View transactions in real-time via API read-only access
Trusted software Proofed by audit firm
Basic version available Use the basic features of the tool for free


Blockpit facilitates tax filing between traders and authorities

  • Accepted calculation result & report
  • Return can directly be submitted to the tax authorities
  • Tax report as PDF download


Sync your transactions via API- and CSV access

  • Real-time data retrieval via API read access
  • Supported exchanges like Bitpanda, Kraken, Binance & Co
  • Upload from wallets and exchanges

Calculation methods

Easily calculate trades from wallets & exchanges

  • Common calculation methods selectable - FIFO, LIFO, HIFO
  • Ongoing integration of calculation methods


Seamless documentation thanks to proactive support

  • Overview of missing links and data sources
  • Helpcenter for efficient error handling
  • Personal support for complex issues

Portfolio tracking and tax filing made easy

We'll help you handle taxes on Bitcoin, Ether, Dash and co.